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Scaffolding in Peacehaven

Ace Scaffolding is a professional scaffolding service. We provide high quality scaffolding services to construction sites, tradespeople and homeowners doing building projects  in Peacehaven. We are well known for the quality of service we provide and our team members are certified by recognised trade associations.

Ace Scaffolding is a scaffolding service with fast response and local scaffolders. We have skilled personnel to give you appropriate scaffold services that meet the needs of your project. Give us a call today on 01273 257 024.

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We stock all types of scaffolding Access Scaffolding

Ace Scaffolding stocks all types of scaffolds including access scaffolding, decorating scaffold, renovation scaffold, internal scaffolding, temporary roof scaffolds and much more . We also supply platform hire, both working platforms and suspended platforms. We are an established supplier of the construction industry. Ace Scaffolding have a full range of quality scaffolding at competitive prices with the best service possible. If you’ve got a challenging job to do at height, you need the right scaffolding.

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Scaffolding Services

Our range of scaffolding services in Peacehaven

Ace Scaffolding’s scaffolding services in Peacehaven are built on the principles of stability, capacity and safety. Our company was founded a decade ago on a solid business foundation and we have maintained a core focus on safety, stability, affordability and service ever since. We understand the importance of quality and you can be certain that each plank and pipe component is checked completely before installation. All our scaffolds are fitted to comply with building codes and British safety standards.

Ace Scaffolding is one of Peacehaven’s leading short term scaffolding hire services. Ace Scaffolding can deliver/pick up scaffolding that you need on a short-term basis. Because of our local depot we can often get you scaffolding within a few hours of placing your order. Call 01273 257 024 to book now!

Ace Scaffolding hire is a long term scaffolding rental specialist, offering scaffolding for projects that may take more than a month. We hire all types of scaffolding and access equipment across Peacehaven. For any long term scaffold requirements please contact us.

Our scaffolding can be built to work in confined spaces and you can hire complete tower scaffold packages if you need a tall solution for a particularly hazardous access point. Our team are experts in long term scaffold hire and we’ve been offering our services throughout Peacehaven to happy customers for over 10 years.

The Ace Scaffolding range has been designed and developed to satisfy the requirements of modern construction sites. It provides sturdy, safe working platforms, easy to erect and dismantle, and offers an easily accessible solution to work at height on site. We are committed to offering you value for money scaffolding on your building site: The modular scaffolding allows for versatility, portability and usability.

Ace Scaffolding is a leading scaffolding supplier, with over 10 years of experience in the industry. We carry a full line of products for all your scaffolding needs. Our knowledgeable staff, and wide range of products makes us a one stop shop for all your scaffolding needs! Ace Scaffolding offers customised solutions with quality service and on time delivery guaranteed. We can do more than just supply your scaffolding hardware though.

Our certified and skilled team of scaffolding technicians will erect your scaffolding on time and on budget. Ace Scaffolding has been erecting scaffolding in Peacehaven for over 10 years, serving companies across the area. Our teams of experienced scaffolders are available to erect your scaffolding quickly and safely. With our industry experience we are able to work safely and to exacting standards.

We are here to help ease the strain of erecting and dismantling scaffolding from your day-to-day operations. Our committed team will travel to you and carry out the entire task in a swift manner so that you can get back to work without any delays.

No more climbing on gantries 30+ meters in the air and no more risk of injury or damage to the building structure. Our experts take the strain of this challenging task off you. We use equipment that is specially designed for dismantling scaffolds and complete the job safely and efficiently. Once we have completed the dismantling, we’ll clear it from the site or move it to where you need it next.


We consult with you and design scaffold solutions

We consult with you and design scaffold solutions customised to your project needs. We provide load rated scaffolding for maximum worker safety. We utilise the latest fall protection and equipment to enable safe work practices at height.

Scaffolding access equipment

At Ace Scaffolding we supply a wide selection of scaffolding, ladders & access equipment which provides efficient solutions to the various challenges that arise in building and renovation projects. Ace’s scaffolding access equipment is engineered for versatility, safety and performance.

Scaffolding inspection to ensure safety

With our scaffolding inspection services, we ensure that your scaffolding is fit for purpose. We can carry out a scaffolding inspection, advise on scaffolding use and get the equipment you need to work safely at height.

Scaffolding edge protection options

If you’re looking for the ideal scaffolding edge protection to help reduce falls and keep your workers safe, look no further. Ace Scaffolding has a full line of scaffolding edge protectors to meet any job requirement. Sturdy scaffolding edge protection systems protect workers and scaffolds from falling objects or debris. Let us help you find the best solution for your safety needs.

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What OurCustomer Says

Thank you Ace scaffolding for today!! So happy with the service and efficiency of the team. Scaffolding was put up super quickly and professionally. I’ll be coming back for all future renovations!! Thanks guys

- Charlotte den Heijer

For general scaffolding inquiries, please call or email us directly.

Thank you for choosing Ace Scaffolding Peacehaven. We will deliver exceptional scaffolding services for your projects.

What makes our scaffolding company different?

At Ace Scaffolding, we are committed to offering our customers trade-quality scaffold products and materials backed by value for money prices to ensure that your business gets the best value from each and every order. We love that our scaffolders work hard to produce the perfect for all scaffolding jobs. Our scaffolders are very experienced and have been with us for several years. They have many certifications in safety, scaffolding work at height, and first aid. They are punctual, reliable, and respectful to all clients.

Our bespoke scaffold designs

At Ace Scaffolding, with every custom-built scaffold system that we deliver, the customer is at the heart of our business. Whether you’re working alone or with a large team, we want you to have everything you need to get the job done safely and efficiently. That means understanding your specifications and functional requirements, and being creative in the design of the scaffold solution.

Public liability insurance

As you would expect from such a well recognised business, we carry comprehensive public liability insurance cover to protect all stakeholders.      Ace Scaffolding is a recognised business with an excellent reputation for service and reliability. Our public liability insurance covers all stakeholders to give you peace of mind.

Our scaffolding projects gallery

Take a look through the Ace project gallery. Our portfolio will show you, in pictures, the projects that we have done. If you have a project that needs scaffolding check out our portfolio of completed scaffolding projects; all done with scaffolding materials and supplies from our depots..

Professional and committed staff

Ace Scaffolding offers a personal and friendly service with a highly experienced and professional scaffolding team committed to the highest standards of quality.

Scaffolding for renovating buildings

Ace Scaffolding is the ideal scaffolding for renovation projects, home restoration and large commercial renovation projects. Whatever the renovation, whatever the building structure, we can provide you with a scaffolding solution to make working at height safe.

Scaffolding For Work At Height On Homes And Flats

The Ace Scaffolding residential systems are a flexible and versatile range of scaffolds that work efficiently with the way you build. Our scaffolding is extremely simple to use and affordable, so you can concentrate on creating the best possible finish in less time and for less money.

Why choose Ace Scaffolding? 

Experienced staff

You've got a lot invested in your scaffolding. You know the reputation and quality you expect from a brand like Ace Scaffolding, and safety is vital. That's where having an experienced staff of scaffolders becomes paramount. Over the past ten years, Ace Scaffolding has worked with over 1000 customers looking to complete a scaffolding project, and we’ve learned a thing or two about the process along the way.

Quality scaffolding products

Rely on Ace Scaffolding products to help with your next project. No matter the scope of your project, we offer a scaffolding product solution to fit your needs. Our scaffold towers, access towers, and scaffolding accessories are designed to meet every occasion while providing safe and reliable work areas for your team. Make your next project a success with Ace Scaffolding, the name you trust for quality, safe scaffolding products.

Any size of scaffolding job

When you have a large project, Ace Scaffolding is the perfect solution. With a wide variety of scaffolding to choose from, we can help you find just what you may need. With no job too big or small, Ace Scaffolding is here for you.

Competitively priced

Ace Scaffolding is the smart choice for all of your aluminium and metal scaffolding needs. With competitive pricing, hassle-free service, and exceptional results we are the scaffolding experts that will get the job done right- and at the right price!

Scaffolding health and safety

Ace Scaffolding is committed to supporting the safety culture within our industry through the delivery of training and high quality products. Protect your employees and keep them safe on the jobsite with our innovative scaffolding health and safety system.

Scaffolding quote over the phone

Call 01273 257 024 to get a scaffolding quote in minutes over the telephone. Our experienced team of specialist scaffolders can talk you through your scaffold hire quotes and show you how much your scaffolding could be. We can also book a site visit and survey.

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