Getting the best team for your project should be your topmost priority when looking to employ scaffolding professionals. Whether you are hiring decorators to revamp your home or moving experts to help you move house, the work must be conducted to the highest standard possible. This also applies to scaffold installation and hire companies.  Without sound scaffolding towers, construction work will be dangerous and difficult. They play an essential role in ensuring the health and safety of the workers and the general public. Poorly designed and erected towers can become significant health hazards.

Having said that, it is vital to work with trained, safety-conscious and experienced scaffolding contractors. However, it can be difficult to locate a reliable scaffolding firm. There are several companies out there that claim to be offering impeccable service, and it can be tempting to quickly go with the first choice. However, a little research can be quite rewarding as it will help you avoid making the wrong choice. You must work with scaffolding contractors who can meet your unique needs so that you can complete your project on time and within your budget. How do you begin your search? And what is the best way to go about it? We created this mini-guide to simplify the process for you.

Are they safety-conscious?

Safety cannot be compromised when dealing with scaffolding structures. The scaffolding contractor you decide to hire must therefore have a good reputation for compliance with safety and health regulations. You can find out about any issues in this department by checking with the HSE executive. They report on companies’ performance. It is worth noting that although not all companies have been caught yet, checking is still a good step. So, apart from checking with the health and safety executive, you should also look out for scaffolding companies who have cover for unavoidable scenarios — those that have excellent employee and public liability insurance (accidents can occur even with the best suppliers).

We advise that you look into how strictly they adhere to health and safety policies. We, for instance, are members of the SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement) here at Ace Scaffolding in Peacehaven. As a scaffolding business, you have to adhere to the strict health and safety guidelines outlined by SSIP to qualify for membership. If you hire a scaffolding company with an active SSIP membership, they tend to be more honourable.

What are the installation techniques and materials they use?

Asking for information about the type of installation materials and strategies used by the company is a good way to assess the quality of scaffolding installation work the company you intend to hire does. The details of the scaffolding process should not be a secret — a trustworthy company will have no problem giving you information on their procedures.

Are they insured?

Accidents can happen, regardless of how secure a scaffolding company is with its materials and installation. Using the best scaffolding company does not eliminate the possibility of accidents, on-site injuries, and property damage. Hire a scaffolding company with a good insurance policy to avoid personal costs if any accidents and incidents occur.  Compensation should be provided by your scaffolding company in the event an accident occurs on your site. Always check the insurance packages of your scaffolding company before hiring.

Look for a local company

You can save money on transportation of equipment and scaffolding structures by using a local company. This reduces the distance between the project site and the scaffolding company.

Do they offer relevant support?

Make sure you choose a scaffolding company that can provide the necessary design services and technical support in case emergency access to heights is needed. This is important whether you are buying or hiring a scaffolding structure. Always verify if the initial project quote includes support throughout the project. Damaged areas of your building can deteriorate and your project can face considerable delays if support is not available when you need it.

Are the scaffolders on their team adequately trained?

The expertise and competency of the scaffolding contractors you want to hire must be assessed, in addition to their experience with the specific nature of your project. You can choose from reputable scaffolding companies that have one thing in common – they are members of the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC).

Why is this important?

The NASC scaffolding safety report showed there was a 30% decrease in the number of falls from heights in 2018. When an NASC registered business was used, there was a 19 percent drop in worksite incidents.  “We want to be able to objectively show people that what the NASC does makes a difference,” NASC President Bob Whincap said. “Our safety report is a testament to the fact that NASC businesses perform better.”

Does the scaffolding company have the kind of scaffolding structure you need?

The nature of your project will determine your scaffolding needs. For this reason, you must be knowledgeable about the details of your project to choose the best scaffolding company. Conventional scaffold towers are a basic project need, but ask yourself if your project will require other types of equipment. Construction projects have different requirements. Ensure that the company you choose can satisfy all your project needs, whether it’s a scissors lift or a Ginny lift.  By understanding your requirements fully, you can immediately tell if a scaffolding company will be the right fit for your construction project.

Is the company experienced for the type of scaffolding erection you need?

This is an obvious point but it must be repeated.  The scaffolding service tends to be of a higher quality when you work with an experienced company.  The ability to modify scaffolding services to fit with the requirements of the client is one that experienced scaffolding companies possess.  They’ll be more suited to your scaffolding needs. While websites are a great platform to learn about a brand, the time they have worked is another useful indicator of credibility. Reliable companies tend to mention their years of industry experience on their websites. We advise that you reconsider your choice if there are no references to their experience.

What do their reviews say?

To get a feel of how a scaffolding company interacts with their clients, you should check out their reviews. This is a good technique for assessing the strengths and shortcomings of a company while also revealing any possible warning signs.  Do not forget to look at their portfolio to view samples of work they’ve done. If you have special requirements for your project or your building has unique features, the portfolio will help you see if the scaffolding company you intend to hire has relevant experience or has worked on jobs similar to yours.