Industrial Scaffolding in Peacehaven

Industrial scaffolding

Over 10 years of scaffolding experience in Peacehaven has made Ace Scaffolding the go-to choice for scaffolding hire and installation for industrial projects in Peacehaven. For several years, we have been delivering industrial scaffolding solutions to a wide variety of industrial customers in Peacehaven, East Sussex.

Our scaffolding technology is designed to provide access to hard-to-reach areas and at the same time guarantees the safety of workers and members of the public. It doesn’t matter whether you are working on a short-term, one-time project or a series of construction work, we have the skills and resources to handle the scaffolding aspect of your work.

Scaffolding hire

Hiring scaffolding equipment is a budget-friendly alternative to purchasing the structure. Our highly qualified and very experienced team of scaffolders at Ace Scaffolding in Peacehaven provides a reliable and efficient scaffolding hire service in the UK. At Ace Scaffolding, we offer scaffolding hire using a per-project pricing system; this allows us to provide our premium services at reasonable prices.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six Years Experience
  • Unrivaled Experience
  • An Exceptional Service
  • Unbeatable Value For Money
  • Industry-approved Scaffolders
  • A Full Range of scaffolding Services
  • Professional, Reliable and Diligent
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction

It doesn’t matter what the size of your project is; you’ll get professional advice and recommendations on the scaffolding that will fit well for your project. We have spent years in the industry and know what we are doing, so do not hesitate to turn to us for expert advice. Our aim is to be the number one name when it comes to scaffolding contractors in Peacehaven, East Sussex and adjacent towns – known for delivering scaffolding services suitable for all forms of construction projects, both  small and large.

Scaffolding for factories

For all your industrial projects, you can depend on us to supply the best scaffolding services. Our 10 years of scaffolding experience serves us in good stead when installing scaffolding for industrial properties; we can work on the most complex projects including derelict factories and hazardous worksites. We are able to work at night, in line with the stated legal hours for site entry, or a factory’s production needs (to avoid downtime), thus saving time and money for our clients.

Scaffolding for industrial units

Scaffolding for industrial projects can be challenging, with regards to accessibility, environment and required skills. We appreciate the delicate nature of these projects; our experts have completed scaffolding installation for extensive industrial projects in factories, plants, and industrial units.

Scaffolding for refurbishment

We customise all our scaffolding services according to your specific requirements. If you need a scaffolding contractor to install scaffolding and provide industrial construction staff with access so that they can carry out plant renovations, or you need other scaffolding services, we can provide our scaffolding service within the timeline of your project and to suit the specific specifications.

Scaffolding planning and design

We put our customers first at Ace Scaffolding. If your project requires a scaffolding package or a scaffolding structure outside the “basic scaffold” classification as covered in the NASC guidance TG20 08, you can work with our scaffolding experts to settle on the appropriate scaffolding design. We are willing to talk about your industrial project and to design a reasonably priced innovative scaffold concept for your project. Our skilled technicians prioritise planning on all projects, particularly for health and safety considerations.

We leverage the suppleness of fitting and tube scaffold with the scaffold system’s time-saving qualities throughout the planning phase for each installation we complete. So, whether you are planning a factory scaffold tower, industrial internal scaffold, or a unit renovation, we can get the job done efficiently. Call us on 01273 257 024 or send us an email with a list of scaffolding project requirements.

Specialist scaffold structures

Our people are well-known scaffolding specialists in the Peacehaven area because we are able to handle scaffolding for industrial projects regardless of complexity or scale. We have been part of projects where work is done on some of the bridges in different parts of the region. We can lend our expertise, experience and equipment to any kind of project; building housing schemes, or industrial construction projects.

Temporary covering and roofing

When working at heights, temporary roofs installations minimise the risk of slips and falls. Ace Scaffolding uses high-quality temporary roofing materials and cladding systems to deliver safe elevated work platforms for different on-site operations. Our temporary roofs are tailor-made to be used on all types of structures, regardless of the form, proportions and scale you need. Our experts leverage their extensive experience in delivering scaffolding for industrial projects to provide the appropriate temporary roofing solution for your project.

Confined spaces and access solutions

We offices are located in the most accessible part of town so that we can easily provide fast response to project requests. With over 10 years providing premium scaffolding services in Peacehaven, we have done extensive work on industrial sites; offering bespoke solutions to satisfy unique project requirements. Complete safety is assured for the workers and the general public when our access technologies are used. We have the skills and expertise to install the right access tower or scaffold structure for your project, no matter where you would like an access solution.

Birdcage scaffolds

Industrial clients often request for birdcages, since they need access to install staircase and lift shafts. In a lot of cases, to provide total access, we use methods that have been proven to work well, such as moveable birdcages. Huge buildings undergoing cement and plaster repairs in Peacehaven can use our birdcages.

A birdcage scaffold is installed within the building and creates a stable platform for the workers to work safely. Birdcages are not only designed for work on staircases and lift shafts. Industrial birdcages can also be used as crash decks, when a new building is being constructed (so workers don’t fall into the building).

Scaffolding services

Short term scaffold hire

We can cover your short-term access requirements, for large or small industrial buildings.

scaffolding construction

Providing timely support for industrial builders is important to us; we strive to deliver scaffold systems and innovative solutions to create the ideal work environment. When designing scaffolds for projects in the area, we throw the weight of our experience, skills, and expertise behind the designs, making sure that everything is in line with the accepted standards.

Long-term scaffold hire

Our Ace Scaffolding team consists of specialist scaffolders who are experienced in delivering solutions for long-term industrial contracts. They know everything there is to know about scaffoldings and delivering reliable solutions to construction workers. If you have a long-term project and need reliable scaffoldings, please get in touch to find out more.

Scaffolding supplies

When you get your scaffolding equipment from the scaffolding experts at Ace Scaffolding, your project site will be as safe as possible. We customise the scaffolding solutions to meet the demands of your project and don’t mind working on complex industrial projects.

At Ace Scaffolding, we are experts in scaffolding design and installation for all forms of industrial projects and can handle industrial contracts anywhere within Peacehaven, East Sussex and its surrounding areas.

Scaffolding contractors

If the erection and dismantling of scaffolding structures, in line with all health and safety regulation is what you desire, we are the brand to trust.

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Scaffolding erections

You are guaranteed fast dismantling and erection of scaffolding systems, when you work with Ace Scaffolding Peacehaven. We can even deliver equipment and systems the very next day for some areas in Peacehaven.

Scaffold design

We can provide safe access to production facilities, warehouses, or factories for your workers by using your project requirements to design a unique combination of scaffolding structures. Our design team has years of experience, and combines best practice and innovation to deliver scaffolding solutions that make work safe and easily accessible.

Access equipment

We deliver all of our scaffolding with technical specifications, so you have all the information you need, to determine that it is the best tool possible for access to where you need to work at height. If you’d like more information on a particular access product, all you have to do is get in touch with our access equipment team on 01273 257 024. We are highly knowledgeable and experienced, and can point you towards the right product to help you complete your work right.

Why choose Ace Scaffolding Peacehaven for your industrial scaffolding?

Skilled personnel

Our scaffolding experts are reliable and qualified with CITB training and CISRS certification.


At Ace Scaffolding, you are sure that you are getting the best and most secure scaffolding structure available. After all, we have more than 10 years of industry experience. Our knowledge, skills, and experience are sufficient to meet your requirements and do an excellent job.

Top-quality scaffolding

Periodic safety checks and ensuring that only high-quality materials and access equipment are supplied to our clients is a core part of our policy. You can trust in our professionals to design, erect, and deliver premium, and secure scaffolding structures. At Ace Scaffolding, we are confident in our ability to deliver the ideal scaffolding structure for your project while meeting your budget and quality requirements.

Open communication

There are no middlemen involved in our scaffold service process, we handle everything in-house. Our qualified in-house experts manage every aspect of the scaffolding process, from delivery to on-site erection and disassembly of scaffolds.

Work with the best

We work tirelessly to become the scaffolding industry’s gold standard for delivering quality and safe scaffold systems.   As a result, we are the first stop for most tradesmen and contractors in Peacehaven seeking scaffolding services.

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Industry recognised standards

Ace Scaffolding is a professional, fully-qualified scaffolding company with certifications from the CSCS and regulated by the Construction Industry Scaffold Record Scheme (CISRS). We also have all the necessary certifications in line with industry standards. With 10 years of scaffolding experience under our belt, our scaffolders have extensive expertise on project requirements; they deliver scaffolding solutions of the highest standard. We always strive to work within the accepted standards in the industry, especially as it relates to health and safety.

Competitive prices

We offer competitive prices even as we strive to ensure that the demands of each client are met. Here at Ace Scaffolding, our team is made up of skilled people, all who pay attention to details, making us one of the top scaffolding firms in Peacehaven. Our clientele is a source of pride for us and it includes homeowners, property developers and tradesmen. We have worked with a lot of customers for a long time because we have proven that we have an excellent level of customer service and our quotes are very competitive.

Our industrial scaffolding services

Edge protection

As the name suggests, edge protection is the technique involved in protecting the edges of floors and roofs to prevent people and equipment from falling when working at height. At Ace Scaffolding, we have various options to choose from when it comes to edge protection. If a temporary roofing solution is what you need at your project site, we can also deliver.

Lift shaft scaffolds

Lift shafts towers are versatile systems that can be used both inside and out the project structure to create a place where people can work at height. A lift tower is a lightweight scaffolding tower which is usually used in lift construction.


Birdcages prevent workers from falling into the building while working in stairwells and similar locations. At Ace Scaffolding, we install birdcage scaffolding with an approach that fulfills the client’s demands while maintaining our high standards.


We can also install scaffolding solutions for industrial staircases. We have completed scaffolding work alongside several major contractors to offer stairway access, providing installation support, creating scaffolding bridges and internal stairways connecting the building’s interior and exterior.

Site protection

We are committed to giving our customers a safe and reliable structure for them to work on no matter the nature of their project. Require assistance? Speak to our specialists

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We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice

Temporary roofs

Temporary roofing will help keep your work safe during bad weather, and we are experts in delivering this solution. Temporary roofs are put in place to prevent weather elements from disrupting construction work. At Ace Scaffolding, we can provide temporary roofs that are custom-made and not one size fits all solutions; we understand from experience that a custom-made scaffolding structure is the best for all kinds of scaffolding projects. Our temporary roofs are designed in a manner that is safe and functional for tradesmen who will be working on it.

Risk assessments

We provide risk assessments if you want an independent assessment of your scaffold system’s integrity. When you contact us, we will provide a qualified inspector to inspect the scaffolding system at your worksite. We will also provide you with a comprehensive report so you know what to expect.

Calculation and design

You can get assistance on complex long- or short-term scaffolding solutions from our in-house design experts. We can create well-deserved, innovative scaffolding with perfect dimensions that will be a perfect match for your construction project.

Full site construction for developing new facilities

Are you a supply chain company that is carrying out renovation or repair works on existing or building new warehouses? Or it could be you are constructing a new facility. It will be our pleasure to work with you on your project. Here at Ace Scaffolding, our services are wide ranging, all designed to meet the scaffolding needs for repairs and new builds on commercial projects. Whether you require customised scaffolding for a new construction project, scaffolding access towers for renovations and restorations, or for any other need, you can trust in our professional scaffolding services.

Steelwork development and maintenance

At Ace Scaffolding, we pride ourselves on being one of Peacehaven’s top scaffolding contractors, offering a full range of services to the industrial sector. Our scaffolding team has worked on numerous industrial projects including development, maintenance and renovation of steelworks factories, and in power stations.

Power station access

Our people have worked for a lot of industrial clients, helping provide access to power stations. Our team has provided scaffolding and access systems for a range of projects such as bridges, water and gas plants, highway structures and more. If power station access is what you need, we can give you peace of mind throughout your project. We have experience completing scaffolding on industrial properties; power stations inclusive.

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Private and public sector infrastructure

We are one of the top names when it comes to scaffolding in Peacehaven, providing quality scaffolding solutions in the area since 10 years. Most of the top contractors and businesses in Peacehaven can testify to the quality of our service delivery, as we have worked with them at one time or another.

Large-size refurbishment

At Ace Scaffolding, we provide scaffolding services to many of Peacehaven’s top industrial developers. From the planning stage right to project completion, we are well equipped to work on construction projects. If you have an industrial refurbishment project where scaffolding is need then contact us to discuss your project.


At Ace Scaffolding, we are very conscious about the health and safety of the people working at project sites, which is why we ensure to stick to all the regulations that cover health and safety at construction sites. Our scaffolders are qualified experts with NASC training. We strive for excellence on our projects, we achieve this by staying informed on the latest training and techniques in the scaffolding industry.

Safety standards

All our equipment is regularly maintained, inspected and conforms to the highest safety standards.

Health and safety

Here at Ace Scaffolding, we are particular about delivering prompt and efficient service, managed by skilled technicians. We not only make sure to provide solutions that meet the expectations for health and safety, we also provide our solutions at really reasonable prices. Ace Scaffolding is a trustworthy and efficient scaffolding and access contractor, we are the ideal choice for your next project in Peacehaven.

Work Height

Working on towering structures is risky without support from the appropriate elevated work platform. Ace Scaffolding can easily deliver scaffolding platforms, in and around Peacehaven, for large industrial projects. We have completed scaffolding work on huge factories, warehouses, high-rise structures, bridges, and viaducts.

Providing scaffolding solutions for bridges and viaducts poses a unique set of problems because the bulk of the work involves working at height. All our scaffolding solutions are stable and secure for working at heights because all Ace Scaffolding team members are certified on all health and safety courses.

hire rates

Here at Ace Scaffolding, our services are affordable, yet of very high quality. This is why we can boldly claim to have hire and delivery charges that are difficult to match in the scaffolding industry. You can get detailed information on our scaffolding hire fees when you contact us. Depending on the project requirements you have, we can give you an estimate or a full price quote.

Public liability insurance

We trust in our capability to supply our clients with cutting-edge scaffolding solutions at affordable prices. This is why we carry public liability insurance up to XXX million. We also make sure that every one of our people work in line with the accepted industry standards, and we have all the paperwork to show that we are a reliable player in the scaffolding industry.

Delivery rates

We make sure that hire and delivery rates are affordable and competitive compared to other providers in the area. Whether it is a complete scaffolding package or a single platform, our reliability and commitment to each individual project is what sets Ace Scaffolding Peacehaven scaffolding apart. We guarantee you the best of service delivery throughout the scaffolding stage of your work. We promise timely deliveries and affordable fees.

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