Scaffold Tower in Peacehaven

Ace Scaffolding is a scaffolding company that hires out and erects scaffold towers in Peacehaven. It is based in Peacehaven and nearby areas. Over the last 10 years, we have installed scaffolding for local councils, building contractors, and construction companies. We deliver and erect scaffolding platforms for businesses, homeowners, and local council authorities. We have 50 access alloy towers that can reach heights of 50m or 150ft. Ace Scaffolding can deliver scaffolding platforms and towers for large-scale projects.

A scaffolding tower hire will give you comfort, protection and security if you feel the need to carry out construction and renovation duties around your house, building site, or business premises. At Ace Scaffolding we can provide you with an extensive variety of scaffolding equipment, from protective netting for scaffold towers to temporary roofing structures.

At Ace Scaffolding, we prioritise safety, which makes our reliable scaffold systems the preferred choice for many contractors, business owners, and homeowners in Peacehaven. Our scaffolding towers provide you with access to elevated areas and a safe means for you to work at these heights. Our adjustable scaffolding systems are suitable for both commercial and residential projects.


These are the sectors we provide scaffolding services:


Ace Scaffolding’s scaffold systems can provide access solutions on large- and small-scale projects.  Our scaffold employees can work together with your employees to complete your home projects.


Our professional scaffolders have years of experience in installing and dismantling scaffolding for your commercial projects while adhering to safety regulations.


We have been delivering industrial scaffolding towers for expansions, re-roofing, renovations of warehouses, refits of major factories and many major industrial projects for decades. For us to finalize your project without bankruptcy, we deliver competitive and affordable scaffold prices.

Types of Scaffolding Towers

DIY Scaffolding Towers

DIY scaffolding towers are used for private DIY projects in the domestic sector. We can provide you with domestic scaffolding that ensures your safety while working on steep heights and positions. Our team of scaffolders can assist with installing and disassembling the scaffolding. We equally help our domestic clients with projects like FASCIAS, gutters, solar panels, and other work at height.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six Years Experience
  • Unrivaled Experience
  • An Exceptional Service
  • Unbeatable Value For Money
  • Industry-approved Scaffolders
  • A Full Range of scaffolding Services
  • Professional, Reliable and Diligent
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction

Trade Scaffold Towers

We offer premium trade scaffold towers measuring between 3 – 9-metres. Our skilled and seasoned scaffolding team members are in constant demand from retailers, homeowners, business owners and contractors.

Industrial Scaffold Towers

We have BSEN1004 certification, and we deliver industrial scaffold towers with the British Kitemark for quality assurance and reliability. Each industrial scaffold tower we deliver is designed, manufactured, and tested by experts per relevant safety guidelines. Our industrial scaffold towers come in several lengths to fit multiple projects, regardless of the required working height.  At an affordable price, our scaffold towers are affordable. Get in touch with us today on 01273 257 024 to get started on your project.

Stairwell Scaffold Towers

You can access those areas that are tough to reach above stairwells, thanks to our stairwell scaffold towers. Our stairwell scaffold towers include tower access structural supports and staircases that are suitable for your stairwell jobs.

BPS One Man Tower

BPS One Man Tower is built for simplicity and structurally built by our UK manufacturer. One individual can put it together in about ten minutes. This tower’s scaffold base unit can be used as a trolley to store and convey materials, supplies, and other items. The scaffolding tower’s installation mechanism provides ample room for materials and equipment. This means you do not have to make endless trips up and down to move them.


Short-term Scaffold Hire Service

For clients who require our scaffolding for a short window, our short-term scaffolding service is provided regularly. If you have an emergency or a quick project, you can also use this service. We offer delivery for short-term scaffold hire in Peacehaven and all along the A27 and the South Coast.

Long-term Scaffold Hire Service

We provide long-term scaffold hire for projects on small and large structures.  Call us today on 01273 257 024 if you need scaffolding systems installed for an extended period.

Scaffolding Supplies

We provide scaffolding for different projects all over Peacehaven and its neighbouring areas. For numerous customers around Peacehaven, we provide quality and highly secure scaffolding. If you require scaffolding boards, trestles, alloy towers, ladders and builders for hire anywhere in Peacehaven, we are your best bet. We will supply the scaffolding equipment, complete the installation, and dismantle the scaffolding system after the project ends.

Scaffolding Contractors

We are among the top scaffolding contractors in Peacehaven. We have been providing various domestic and industrial scaffolding services at Peacehaven for many years.

Scaffolding Erection

Wherever possible, we can erect scaffolds because our installation procedures for scaffolding are versatile. We recognize that every construction project is different and take our time to change our processes to suit your scaffolding needs. We ensure that all scaffolding is erected at the right height and in the right place for each building. We have a lot of experience constructing scaffolds for different buildings, so we know the best match for every site. With the approval of the local authorities, we are a completely insured company. You can trust us to deliver safe and high-quality scaffolding as we are members of the Construction Industry Training Board.

Scaffolding Construction

We are specialists in the installation and construction of scaffolding, system scaffolds, fitting, and tubes. We deliver scaffolding solutions to clients in the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors.   We will always meet your scaffolding needs because we have gathered loads of experience over the years working on different projects. Ace Scaffolding’s scaffolders are registered with the CISRS, and they are CAD (Computer-Aided Design) savants.

Scaffolds Design

You might have a project that needs a unique scaffold tower designed. If traditional scaffolds aren’t working for your project, you’ll need something tailored to meet your project needs. We can design this unique scaffolding tower for you. We’ve worked on many bespoke scaffold projects over the years, and we know how to meet the varying needs of our clients. We will do our best to ensure that our innovative scaffolding solutions meet the requirements for your project, no matter how complex. To build innovative designs and then integrate 3D design walkthroughs, we use AutoCAD. We also operate on scaffolding designs that are not within the standard NASC TG20 08 guidelines. Our innovative design team will work hard to meet your requirements no matter how difficult your scaffolding needs are.

Access Equipment

We supply access equipment and work platforms for all kinds of projects. Safety is integral to everything we do, and we prove this by providing our customers with the safest and most effective access solution, We leave no stone unturned when we supply access equipment.



We only hire experienced people who are CIRS registered and CITB trained. Our employees are qualified people that are well-trained in advanced scaffold inspection. As a trusted scaffolding company with a stellar reputation to protect, we use the SCAFFTAG system. All our scaffolders are CISRS (Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme) regulated, and they hold all industry qualifications and follow best practice scaffolding processes.

Quality Scaffolding

We’re among the leading players in the scaffolding business that offers both domestic and industrial services that are professional, efficient and secure. We are a professional company that can fulfil your business needs easily without compromising in any way. We offer extensive scaffolding solutions delivered by experienced scaffolders to meet your project requirements.  Our level of scaffolding success speaks for itself. Check through our gallery the standard of the scaffolding work we do and you will be wowed.  We get lots of repeat business and referrals from people who know that they can count on us to fulfil their needs. We are the first calling point for service in Peacehaven for quality scaffolding.

Competitive prices

We offer competitive pricing and guarantee quality services.  We believe that any good business should offer efficient and reliable workmanship at competitive prices that are hard to beat elsewhere.


Our efficiency speaks for us, and it is a reason why we are the scaffolding company of choice in the Sussex area. We get jobs done fast, and we put our diverse skills to work while providing customised scaffolding services without compromising on quality. We always conduct our work to the highest standards, and over the years we have formed a strong relationship with our customers. Our experience and expertise in supplying scaffold towers guarantee client satisfaction on all our projects, domestic or industrial.


Scaffolding protection systems can help reduce downtime caused by adverse weather during project execution. Our security ensures that project requirements are met, and savings made over the lifecycle of the project.


We can couple together various types of access scaffolding. Our solutions cover scaffolding towers, working platforms, domestic scaffolding, industrial scaffolding, temporary rooftops, scaffolding hire, work access, chimney access, and lots more. Our scaffolding facilities in Peacehaven are available to domestic as well as public sector customers.


We use seasoned scaffolders who are well-informed on the safety standards and the latest industry developments. We follow all industry guidelines including the legislation on safety and health.

Safety Standards

At Ace Scaffolding, we recognise the importance of having an accident-free work environment.  We follow the latest TG20 standard because we are a premium scaffolding company. We guarantee that all work is undertaken in compliance with the new health and safety standards.  We ensure excellent quality control and risk management at all levels of our organisation. We strive to provide safety-oriented scaffolding solutions on all our projects.

Health and Safety

We have CISRS certification, and we have built a solid reputation through safety and quality assurance for our scaffolding work.  We’re an environmentally-friendly business that thinks fast and forward. We have gained the trust of clients around Peacehaven by maintaining high safety standards in delivering scaffolding services. 

Work height

Ace Scaffolding is an agency conscious of safety.  We put precautions in place to prevent accidents and injuries. We ensure the wellbeing of our scaffolding workers and employees. We secure the roof edges, floor edges and other working conditions that pose hazards for materials and people falling from heights.

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Public Liability

Our company has public liability insurance with up to £10 million covers. Our scaffolders have CISRS NVQ training; they can handle your project’s scaffolding needs, no matter how complex.

Tower Scaffold for Safe Work

A scaffolding tower is an excellent way of reducing the fall risks associated with working on high-rise structures.  A tower scaffold should be designed, erected, and removed only by trained and experienced staff. It requires the expertise of a high level that no untrained person can deliver. You must be trained and knowledgeable about safety precautions and the related hazards to install a tower scaffold. Tower scaffolds must be maintained well and thorough scaffold tests must be carried out before they are used. For the effective use of tower scaffolding, we have a user guide to explain all erection stages and the bracing requirements.  We make sure the scaffolding tower is well-secured by making sure that the ground it stands on is level and firm with well-supported base plates, and locked castors. Ace Scaffolding also complies with production standards to make sure that the tower scaffold does not rise above the manufacturer’s recommended height.

Best Materials to Use for a Scaffold Tower

Steel and aluminium are the most widely recommended materials for scaffold towers. Scaffold towers made of steel and aluminium are safe and efficient.  Sometimes, steel is preferred to aluminium for the construction of scaffold towers because steel is less expensive. For those working around electrical sources and installations, fibre and glass towers should be used. Steel and aluminium towers conduct way more electric current than glass and fibre scaffold towers.  Whatever material you decide to pick, make sure that the scaffold tower conforms to the requirements of BS EN1004. You must consider your needs carefully before opting for a scaffold tower. Internationally-sourced scaffold towers must have BS EN1004 equivalent rating.

Features and Functions of Our Scaffold Towers

Our scaffolding towers feature two wheels for versatility.  Our scaffold towers come with colour-coded bracings for faster erection and proper installation. We have a larger footprint for the stabiliser bars of our scaffolding towers than any competitor.  Our aluminium scaffold tower is fitted with an ultra-strong 40 mm diameter tube for extra strength. This scaffold tower is relatively easy to set up. It is available in 4 sizes, used effectively both indoors and outdoors.  The scaffolding tower can be set up in 300mm settings, plus it has a maximum safe load of 150kg. We meet the ISO 9001:2008 standard for scaffold towers. The ISO 9000 specifications comply with the quality requirements agreed upon globally. They promote accountability and utilisation of premium products.  With our aluminium scaffold tower, you get great value for a price.


Hiring rates

To know what your budget will look like, we will examine your design options and provide you with a free estimate.  You aren’t obligated to use our services after the free estimate. We value client satisfaction, and we are ready to offer competitive pricing for your scaffolding requirements.  Please contact or call us on 01273 257 024 with what you need so we can update you on our various services.

Delivery rates

We will conduct a free, no-commitment on-site survey and provide a scaffolding estimate for your project. We have a dedicated contract manager for every site we work on, who constantly liaises with the customers. There is also a charge hand for each scaffolding gang to ensure that projects are carried out safely and professionally without compromising delivery schedules. Contact us now to schedule your free scaffolding consultation and quote. If you need Peacehaven scaffolding services, you can contact us.  We have been thoroughly vetted and rated as totally in compliance with the Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) for contractors. We can handle your project’s scaffolding needs, no matter how big or small. Over the years we have carried out many projects and can work on any project irrespective of its range and complexity. Fill out our contact form today and in no time, a team member will get back to you. For instant access, you can also give us an email or contact us at 01273 257 024 


What is a tower scaffold?

When working at heights, a tower scaffold helps prevent accidents. The chosen scaffold tower must meet safety requirements and must be adequate for the job. The tower scaffold should be erected and dismantled by trained personnel who are competent to do so.

What is the maximum height for a tower scaffold?

A zip-up tower or mobile access tower provides a stable, free-standing working platform up to heights of 10-12m.

Can a scaffold tower be erected by anyone?

No. Only a qualified person can build or uninstall the tower scaffolding.  Individuals who are well-trained and qualified to do so must assemble, build, and dismantle it.  Scaffolding companies provide individual training for their people to couple, use and bring down scaffolds after usage.

At what height is scaffolding needed?

Scaffolding is needed 4 ft. above ground level in general industries. Scaffolding is necessary for construction work at heights from 6ft and above. Fall protection on scaffolding is essential for jobs at heights up to 10 foot and above.

How much can I rent scaffolding?

There are different types of scaffolding available for rent. Normal scaffolding could be seen as a plank hinged together with two ladders. Advanced scaffolding may be an erector set of aluminium and steel tubes in the shape of a wood and metal frame.  The pricing depends on the type of scaffolding you want to rent. A scaffold for rent could cost between £X-£X a day and £X-£X a week depending on the type of scaffolding, size of scaffolding, and location.

How high can scaffolding go?

A professional engineer is often needed to procure scaffolds. Guardrails have to be built for platforms below which people can fall within 10 feet or more. The top rail must be placed 40-44 inches above the work surface.

Is permission required to erect scaffolding?

A licence is not required if the scaffolding does not extend beyond your property.  But if you want to install the scaffolding outside your house, your scaffolder or contractor will need to get permission from your local council.

What do scaffolders do?

Scaffolders have high-level work solutions that include basic grounding plans, safety facilities, testing of machinery, scaffold inspection, groove planning, and scaffold dismantling.

Must one be trained to use a scaffold?

Only competent persons can choose the right kind of scaffold for a project, as well as erect and dismantle it. To satisfy strict safety criteria, the use of tower scaffolds must be properly monitored and controlled.

Are scaffolds user-friendly and safe?

In most cases, scaffolding is safe and simple to use. However, contractors generally assist with scaffolding procurement, erection and dismantling to maintain safety. For your Scaffolding projects, don’t hesitate to put a call to us. 01323 315 033.

Are roofers required to use harnesses?

Harnesses are essential for the safety of roofers. Harnesses are required for people working six feet and above according to safety requirements.

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