Residential Scaffolding in Peacehaven

If you are looking for reliable, prompt and professional scaffolding solutions for your residential project in Peacehaven, you are on the right page. It doesn’t matter the type of work you want to do around the house, if it requires scaffolding, Ace Scaffolding can deliver cost effective solutions for your purposes. We have people that are well-trained and qualified to meet the scaffolding needs for all types of domestic projects. Every scaffolding solution we deploy, we do so using high-quality materials and at reasonable prices.

Scaffold hire

Ace Scaffolding are the leading scaffolding providers in Peacehaven. We provide all types of scaffold erection and scaffold hire services, including short- and long-term hire. We offer a full range of scaffold hire services at highly competitive prices. We have a first-class team of scaffolders that are all fully CITD trained so that we can offer a high level of workmanship and safety at affordable prices.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six Years Experience
  • Unrivaled Experience
  • An Exceptional Service
  • Unbeatable Value For Money
  • Industry-approved Scaffolders
  • A Full Range of scaffolding Services
  • Professional, Reliable and Diligent
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction


We are experts in supplying your residential properties with a complete scaffolding solution. Our reputation is built on solid workmanship backed by the experience of our professional team. We make sure all projects are delivered on time, on budget and to the highest health and safety standards. Our more than 10 years of work experience in the area means we are one of the top favourites for scaffolding in Peacehaven.

Residential scaffolders

The excellent abilities and integrity of our scaffolders, combined with our great attention to detail, has made us the go-to scaffolding services contractor in Peacehaven’s domestic markets. We hire trained scaffolders who receive regular training, evaluations and assessments of skills and have produced some of Peacehaven ‘s topmost scaffolders. 

Our scaffolders know how to work with different types of scaffolding systems, including conventional tubes and fittings. We understand that on job sites today, the single-size-fits-all model hardly works.

We have a team of expert scaffolders who have been operating in the local area for years and who boast not only the skills but the tools needed to undertake jobs of any size. As a leading scaffolding contractor in the area, we understand how important health and safety in the workplace is, and we go out of our way to ensure that we meet the highest standards of health and safety.

Residential scaffolding services

Our Scaffolding facilities are durable and safe and are frequently relied upon by hundreds of domestic clients. With years of experience providing affordable domestic scaffolding services we have built a great reputation throughout East Peacehaven as the go-to scaffolding company for safe domestic scaffolding.

We take on contracts of all sizes, ensuring that we deliver the same level of professionalism irrespective of the project size. We personalise our services to the needs of the clients, so whether you need redecoration or safe access for construction workers during renovation, our scaffolding solutions can be built around your needs.

Scaffolding Types

Apart from providing scaffolding solutions for residential clients working on domestic projects, we can also provide bespoke solutions for commercial, industrial and local council clients.

Scaffold Design & Planning

We not only install and remove scaffolds for clients, we also offer our technical expertise, helping clients design the appropriate scaffold system for their project. From designing the scaffold type suitable for the project, to erection and dismantling, we cater to the needs of residential clients in Peacehaven. Our full scaffold design service including drawings and plans. If you need something a little different, we would love to discuss your project and create a customised custom scaffold design and erect it all for a very affordable price.

Scaffolding for Extensions

We operate in the entire Peacehaven region specialising in temporary roofs, extensions, marine scaffolding (when boat is in dry dock), new builds, timber framed houses, scaffolding hire, street work (requiring pavement licence), waterproof stage (outside events). We can handle private projects, commercial projects and local council projects thanks to our years of experience servicing those sectors, providing scaffolding for repairs, restoration and even ground-up projects.  The bulk of our work comes from repeat business for renovations, new builds, extensions, cladding, conversions, and even chimney repairs. We have a range of scaffolds and towers that would be perfect for roofing repairs, building extensions and painting.

Scaffolding for New Builds

At Ace Scaffolding,  we deliver reliable scaffolding solutions at incredibly low rates for construction and repair projects. For your temporary roofs and covers, repairs, and new build sites, get your durable scaffolding solutions from us.  Our wealth of experience in delivering custom designed scaffolding will come in handy for different forms of domestic works, such as building repairs, new buildings, and refurbishments.

Access Solutions & Confined Spaces

We supply a wide range of fall prevention and protection systems for working at height, including safety netting guard rail systems and staircase access solutions. We have the experience and knowledge for your project’s ideal access tower no matter the work environment.

Birdcage Scaffolding

We offer a wide variety of scaffolding solutions ranging from new construction projects to commercial sector works, upgrades, chimney stack, domestic repairs, temporary roofing, crash decking, birdcages, and edge protection.

From erecting birdcage scaffolding to performing scaffolding checks or removing access towers all in Peacehaven, we want our customers to be 100% happy with the scaffolding services we offer as we ensure that all services are performed to the highest standard.

Birdcage scaffolding facilities will aid roof and plaster maintenance in large premises since the frame is built within the house allowing the tradesmen a sturdy surface to work from. When constructing new houses, birdcages can also be used as crash decks to prevent workers from crashing into the building.

Chimney Scaffolding

Usually, scaffolding systems are multi-purpose, making them perfect for small spaces or difficult to reach areas, such as around chimneys. Here, we have a wide range of domestic scaffolding options that allow easy access, such as birdcage scaffolding, tower scaffolding, and chimney scaffolding. Our professionals are always able to assist you.

Temporary Roofs & Coverings

Ace Scaffolding is able to provide innovative roofing scaffolding solutions in the Peacehaven area for residential projects, we also offer our expertise in the scaffolding sector.

For every project you are working on, our team of highly skilled operatives will guarantee the highest standard of scaffolding. Please get in touch with us as soon as you have a project so we can get started with you from the beginning.


Short term scaffold hire

We can supply all types of access equipment scaffolding system, scaffolding fencing and groundwork solutions from our offices and partners for short-term contracts in Peacehaven. Our operating procedures are flexible yet extensive enough to satisfy any customer’s needs, because we know that each project has different requirements.

Long term scaffold hire

We can provide all access equipment for large multi storey structures for different industries and clients, for long-term hires. We are flexible and can pretty much be found erecting scaffolds wherever our customers request.

scaffolding supplies

We provide the tools, scaffolding equipment and we also uninstall it completely when the job is done.  If lightweight allow towers, builders’ trestles, acrow props, ladders, scaffolding boards or even just a chat you need, we are just a call away.

scaffolding construction

Our team of scaffolders are Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme certified (CISRS) and have years of experience in the industry. We deliver our jobs with a touch of excellence and premium service, giving our clients the assurance that we will satisfy their needs with professional design and construction.

Shrink Wrapping

Our innovative waterproof shrink wrap system is designed to keep your construction project safe from damage by rain. This means no downtime as a result of bad weather. You will complete your work on schedule, workers no longer using bad weather as an excuse to slow down your work.

Commercial scaffolding

We specialise in industry standard scaffolding for commercial customers. You can be assured that our scaffolding is of the highest quality and secure, thanks to our years of experience in the commercial scaffolding and painting sectors

Industrial Scaffolding

If you want an experienced scaffolding partner for your next project, you cannot do better than a company that has more than 10 years of industry experience. We have been in the business of developing and deploying bespoke scaffolding solutions for industries in the area for years, giving you and your workers the access you need to get the job done.

Mobile Scaffolding

Peacehaven, we offer mobile tower scaffolding services. You can count on us to provide the very best in quality scaffolding services. As one of the top names in scaffolding in that area, with fully trained installers and a large stock of materials, you can be confident our scaffolding meets your high standards and requirements.

Scaffolding contractors

In all of Peacehaven, Ace Scaffolding is known as one of the most reliable and independent scaffolding contractors. We are experts in long-term repair contracts for residential and commercial facilities and fast track building projects, especially when it comes to scaffolding and access solutions.

Scaffolding erection

We don’t just deliver scaffolding to your work site, we also handle the erection and eventual dismantling. We will make sure that the scaffolding is assembled in the correct place and at the correct height to ensure there is no damage done to the buildings.

Scaffold design

Thanks to our 10 years of experience, scaffolding designs for unique projects is something we’re great at, making innovative and proven designs which may help to secure a project which has complex temporary works aspects. All designs are produced using AutoCAD, with the facility of providing 3D walkthroughs of your proposed project if required.

Access equipment

We will build and provide access scaffolding and work platforms customised to your project’s unique requirements and provide you with the easiest and most effective option when it comes to hiring access equipment.



All our people are highly trained and have the relevant certifications to work in the industry, including the CISRS and CITB certifications. The CISRS is the body that regulates scaffolders in the country, requiring them to meet a set of standards, and all our tradesmen are card-carrying members.

Quality scaffolding

At Ace Scaffolding, we understand that a good business should be friendly, trustworthy and effective, and at the same time, should be able to offer quality workmanship along with fair prices which customers can depend on. We are one of the most popular scaffolding equipment providers for a growing variety of local councils and social housing organisations, all of which trust us to deliver professional service.

Competitive prices

The reason for our many successful accomplishments is our productivity and efficiency, we always adhere to site plans and provide outstanding value for money all the time. Please get in touch with us at Ace Scaffolding for a reasonably priced rental scaffolding installed promptly by CISRS licensed scaffolders with XXX million public liability insurance. Need assistance? Talk to Our Experts. We are also willing to provide guidance on scaffolding related issues.   Reach out to us today.

Need help? Talk to Our Experts

We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice

Qualified specialists

All our staff are well trained and our work fully insured, this means you can rest assured that our work is carried out to the highest standard. So, when you need scaffolding systems for work on tall structures, staircases or inside buildings, you know the people to call. Our business revolves around meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients, while making sure that health and safety is paramount at their sites.

Emergency Service

You can reach us at absolutely anytime of the day, we have made provisions for emergency customer service. We deliver excellent work when it comes to temporary roofing and emergency shoring work. In Peacehaven, our facility is conveniently located so that we can satisfy our customers ‘ needs and do it effectively. So, whether you are a private customer, a business or require emergency assistance then you can count on us to help.

Safety Standards

We do all our work with excellence and in compliance to industry standards of safety and effectiveness, in order to produce excellent results for you.


All our personnel are well qualified, and we comply with all standards and requirements. Our work processes meet all the safety legislature and health standards, so your mind can be at ease when we work with you.

Work height

Our most important concern is the health and safety of our employees, our consumers and the general public. We offer solutions to all issues related to floor or roof edge safety, drastically reducing the dangers of people falling or materials falling from height.

Health & safety

We deliver our services and carry out our operations in compliance with relevant legal requirements, and health and safety standards. Our team of trained scaffolders all adhere to the TG 20 standard, and we have made it our goal to complete clients’ projects efficiently and effectively in accordance with the safety and health standards.


Every project is different and requires a whole different approach, and this will to a large extent determine the cost of scaffolding. Cost can also be determined by the length of time you need the scaffolding for and the complexity of installation. Please get in touch to request a free quote today.

Public liability

Our work is fully insured and we at Ace Scaffolding are covered by public liability insurance of XXX million. We are dedicated to the health and safety of our staff clients and the general public. This explains our popularity in the area and how people rely on us for scaffolding solutions over the years.

Hire rates

If you would like a free no obligation quote, we will be happy to assist you and give you free advice to make sure your work is carried out safely and to a cost you will be happy with. If you are planning any kind of domestic residential or commercial building project, our affordable yet professional scaffolding services can help ensure your project is completed safely and on time.

Delivery rates

Our hire rates and delivery charges are some of the best in the scaffolding hire industry. If you work with us to provide scaffolding services for you, our management staff will develop an ideal blueprint for engaging any size of project, you can count on us to do that.


Give us a call if you have any questions, and find out more information about your needs, we’re ready to give you details about our scaffolding services and how we can help you.


Do you have to be qualified to erect scaffolding?

Although tag systems are not a legal requirement, the law does require inspection of scaffolding from which a person might fall 2 metres or more, and the issue of a report by a competent person, on completion and at least weekly thereafter.

Can anyone erect a scaffold tower?

The chosen scaffold tower must be able to fulfill the job specifications, the scaffold must be assembled and dismantled by only skilled professionals only. There are many organisations that provide training for the safe erection and use of scaffold towers.

How long does Scaffolding take to erect?

A typical scaffolding can take no more than 48 hours to set up. Complex structures take longer.

At what height do I need a scaffold?

In building operations, the threshold height is 6 feet above the lower level, but for regular work, the scaffold height should be at least 4 feet above the lower level. Fall protection on scaffolding is required at 10 feet.

How high can a tower scaffold go?

A tower scaffolding can reach up to 12 meters, providing a stable platform for people to work from.

How much does it cost to rent scaffolding?

The rate for hiring scaffolding is not fixed. It is typically influenced by a number of factors such as the size, complexity of installation, and how you want to hire – in part or in full.

Do you have to tie off on a scaffold?

With suspended scaffolding, you are required to be tied-off at all times. You must be tied-off to an anchor point/ fall safety mechanism fully independent of the scaffold on which you are operating with one or two-point suspension scaffolding.

How much weight can a scaffold hold?

A typical Scaffold will carry 875 pounds, approximately 250 pounds each for three persons, and 125 pounds of instruments and working equipment.

What is the minimum weight scaffold planking must be able to support?

Scaffold planking must be able to withstand its own weight and the load must not be more than four times as heavy.

Can you scaffold in the rain?

It is not advisable to do any work on scaffolding when it is raining unless you have received the relevant training. During extreme weather such as heavy fog, sleet, freezing snow or high winds, don’t use a scaffold

At what height do you need to wear a safety harness?

The law currently mandates that construction contractors provide fall safety for workers on a walking or working surface with an exposed edge that is 6 feet or higher than the lower level.

How can I prevent falls while putting up scaffolding?

An advanced rail system will help prevent people falling off scaffoldings. Where this is not possible, employees should wear harnesses to protect them should they fall.
We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice Where Needed

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