Suspended Scaffolding in Peacehaven

At Ace Scaffolding in Peacehaven, we provide low-cost and expert suspended scaffolding services, including domestic, commercial and industrial scaffolding services. We use a team of seasoned scaffolders who have the technical ability to design and erect safe suspended scaffolding systems. We provide our premium scaffolding services in Peacehaven, in England’s southeastern region. We work anywhere we can get to along the A27. Not only will you enjoy the help of our experienced management team, but you will also see that our staff are specialists with CITB and CISRS qualifications in scaffolding. Contact us today on 01273 257 024.


For years, Ace Scaffolding supported clients in various sectors – residential, commercial and industrial – with suspended scaffolding services in Peacehaven. Every project is managed with the same level of professionalism regardless of the scale of the project. Our professionalism and success have seen us consistently rank amongst the UK’s Top Scaffolding Firms, standing strong as experts in short-term and long-term scaffold hire, industrial scaffold service, fast-track construction and maintenance contracts. We are dedicated to providing quality scaffolding services for all your projects within Peacehaven and the South Coast.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six Years Experience
  • Unrivaled Experience
  • An Exceptional Service
  • Unbeatable Value For Money
  • Industry-approved Scaffolders
  • A Full Range of scaffolding Services
  • Professional, Reliable and Diligent
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction


Our domestic scaffolders are well-trained, with several years of experience in every aspect of scaffolding services for Peacehaven.  In domestic and small-scale jobs, we guarantee a smooth experience and complete project in time and on budget. We have a team of scaffolders on standby to execute projects in partnership with other trades to help them complete work on small-scale work on private properties and in new build projects. Our skilled scaffolding workers make us in high demand amongst property developers and private homeowners looking to erect safe, fit for purpose suspended scaffold systems.

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We offer our commercial clients premium scaffolding services such as scaffolding sales, hire, and installation in the greater Peacehaven area. We are professional scaffolding contractors who can install suspended scaffolding for various styles of commercial buildings, such as multi-story office buildings and shopping complexes. Our suspended scaffolding systems are safe and reliable and follow best practice requirements. With our considerable experience and expertise, we can guarantee client satisfaction with all our scaffolding solutions in Peacehaven.


Our scaffolding professional team at Ace Scaffolding provide suspended scaffolding services to customers in the Peacehaven industrial sector. We offer customised scaffolding services, access scaffolding and supports.  We have loyal industrial clients in Peacehaven who appreciate our dedication to delivering premium scaffolding services for their projects. Do you need a private, commercial, or industrial scaffolding service in Peacehaven? We have the expertise and experience to meet your needs. We do not compromise on the quality of our solutions; we do all we can to provide our industrial and commercial clients with perfect scaffolding. We also provide scaffolding service to the food and utility industries.

Component Suspended Scaffold Features

Our scaffolding solutions include:

Fall Arrest Systems

Our services include fall arrest controls attached to a well-built anchorage system for scaffolding users in swing-stage frameworks. As part of this arrangement, a travel restraint system can be attached to an immovable line in the cradle where a fall is possible.

Load-limiting Devices

We offer power-driven suspended scaffolding using electronic hoists to limit the lifting power. The device ensures that the hoist does not have a capacity that exceeds 1.2 times the hoist rating. The construction of the cradle and suspension is designed to hold up the stalling load that the hoists in service put on it. These load-limiting devices serve as a buffer against possible failure resulting from a cradle hitch incident.


We have labelled the WLL clearly on our cradles and can easily change it to satisfy any demand or requirement.


Our trolleys are fitted with a brace with overhead support or lower keeper plates to ensure they remain in place and do not slip.


Why should you use Ace Scaffolding Peacehaven?


We have more than 10 years of experience in the scaffolding industry; ours is a family business with a team of highly trained and experienced scaffolders who are always committed to delivering the best possible scaffolding service to our customers. We take pride in the fact that we have been in the business for so long and have worked for several building contractors, construction companies, local councils and private individuals.  Our clients, whether domestic, commercial or industrial in the UK, are assured the expertise and knowledge combined of our scaffolding professionals.  Our team of experts in scaffolding are CITB trained individuals and are presently registered with CISRS. We make it a point of duty not to compromise our employment criteria. This helps us give our clients efficient and reliable scaffolding solutions for all their projects.

Our years of collective experience in the scaffolding industry makes us an excellent choice for your scaffolding needs within Peacehaven.

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Quality Scaffolding

At Ace Scaffolding, we have a stellar reputation for delivering premium scaffolding solutions, we are committed to expanding our bulk of relevant scaffolding experience. Over the past years, we have delivered unbeatable scaffolding solutions to our customers across sectors in the region. We have succeeded in providing reliable, safe and stable scaffolding services effectively. Ace Scaffolding continues to provide premium scaffolding services including adjustable multi-point scaffolding, independent scaffolding, multi-level scaffolding, modified single-point scaffolding and other services in Peacehaven. Our expert scaffolders are on hand to deliver scaffolding services in Peacehaven.   We value our customers all over and, above all, we ensure that we always supply high-quality scaffolding services to our clients. For over 10 years, we have handled scaffolding projects in various industries, providing the best service possible. We have delivered scaffolding solutions for many renowned projects in the area, from rail works to construction, airports and so on. Our customers can attest to the quality scaffolding services we provide. As a reputable scaffolding contractor, we strive to deliver industry-standard suspended scaffolds, hoists, and access solutions. We are not taking our customer’s satisfaction lightly and so we are always trying to provide our customers with more value. It is important to note that our management team are well established in the commercial scaffolding sector – providing services to well-known blue-chip companies – so you can rest assured that we can deliver quality scaffolding without any problems.

Competitive Prices

While we offer quality scaffolding services with experienced and certified scaffolders, our services remain affordable. Contact Ace Scaffolding’s experts today for fairly-priced suspended scaffolding in Peacehaven. At Ace Scaffolding Peacehaven, we aim to improve the safety and quality of scaffolds without hiking the cost of doing so. In pursuit of this, we have professional CISRS-registered scaffolders who erect suspended scaffolds as competitively low costs.


Ace Scaffolding offers sales, short- and long-term hire of roof protection, scaffold safety, and conventional scaffolding for building, industrial, and civil engineering purposes. We pride ourselves as health and safety experts who have contributed immensely to the safety architecture that provides effective protection. Our professional scaffolding team can manage numerous scaffolding projects such as access scaffolds, scaffold handrails, edge protection, scaffold towers, high street scaffolds, chimney scaffolds, domestic and industrial scaffolds hire and lots more.


Over the last 10 years in Peacehaven, we have become an important part of the scaffolding industry, which offers our customers high-quality access scaffolding in the residential, industrial and commercial sectors. Our client base is made up of builders, contractors, architects, painters, railway firms, window cleaners, security companies and other market spheres. We can deliver premium access solutions regardless of your worksite conditions; we have the technical prowess to design and install complex elevated work platforms.  We will match the right access tower design to suit your project. Contact us today to get more information on available scaffolding solutions for your project’s access requirements. We offer support on construction projects, architectural inspections, and renovations.  Our scaffolding team has the requisite to provide a scaffolding solution. At Ace Scaffolding, our scaffolding team have been accessed and approved by the Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS), Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) and Construction Award Alliance (CAA). We rank among Peacehaven’s leading suppliers of safety products and access solutions.

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We maintain a cordial relationship with all our clients and various contractors on projects, ensuring that the scaffolding equipment satisfies the stakeholders before erecting the scaffolding. We aim to provide excellent service to our clients every time. We prioritise the safety of on-site personnel by using premium scaffolding equipment in our service delivery. We also have a reliable fleet of vehicles for moving people and equipment from one place to another. Our clients can expect safe access to the elusive areas on the affected structure.

The focus of our experienced and expert team is on delivering quality, safety and security to our customers every time. We can deliver customised scaffolds matching your unique project requirements.  Ace Scaffolding understands the value of our customers and their satisfaction means that our company is rising.  Putting our clients’ needs first has helped us form lasting relationships; this is evident in the number of return clients we get. We provide a host of scaffolding services for the commercial, industrial, and domestic sectors.  We are always ready to work with you on your project.


Working with us at Ace Scaffolding gives you the peace of mind that you are working with a reliable company that meets all the relevant regulations.  Our wealth of expertise and experience in the scaffolding industry makes this possible. We make sure our scaffolding solutions such as the tube and fitting scaffold, scaffold systems comply with TG20’s latest regulations.  Strict health and safety requirements that we strictly adhere to govern our scaffolding projects.

Safety Standards

At Ace Scaffolding, we take the safety of our workers, customers and people in the vicinity of the worksite very seriously. Our scaffolders are well-trained technicians. We stay informed on the latest industry developments and relevant health and safety regulations.  You will be hard-pressed to find another scaffolding company that comes close to us in our commitment to efficiency and safety. We have some of the brightest scaffolding talents in Peacehaven to handle your project.

Health and Safety

Our Health and Safety policy includes a comprehensive risk assessment system and a method statement that serves as guidelines for our scaffolding operations. With our Suspended scaffolding Systems, we are better enabled to meet health and safety standards. Our scaffolding services incorporate the latest advancements in the scaffolding industry alongside safety regulations. As a full-time member of the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC), we remain committed to upholding the highest quality of work, health and safety. Our impeccable track record in Peacehaven is testament to the quality of our scaffolding solutions. We also carry out painting and decorations for businesses and establishments that believe in our uncompromising attitude to health and safety. We have CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) certification, and our scaffolders undertake training courses regularly to expand their knowledge. You can rest assured of getting a safe scaffolding service from us all the time. Our scaffolders are seasoned talents who strive to provide the appropriate solutions for your project.

Work Height

To perform their work at heights, painters and decorators need protection and stable scaffolds. We make sure our scaffolders install the scaffolding systems in the correct position and height to guarantee a safe working environment. We have solutions to safety issues at Ace ScaffoldingX when a worker or material has a risk of falling. Our vast supply of prevention and security systems is a ready-made resource for clients who work at high to reach areas. Guardrail, Safety Netting, and Staircase Access Solutions are some of the safety solutions we supply.

As a UK’s leading scaffolding company, we have the right equipment for your work in high areas for optimum protection and efficiency. This commitment to safety makes us an excellent choice for your next scaffolding project.  We remain the best choice for scaffolding in Peacehaven.

Public Liability

Ace Scaffolding Peacehaven has public liability insurance coverage of XXX million. To further protect the tradesmen and the public, we offer safety netting installation on the worksite. In our years of providing scaffolding solutions, we have worked on several industrial properties; providing customised access solutions while guaranteeing the safety of the tradesmen and the public. We place a high priority on the safety of all stakeholders involved in our service delivery. Our dedication makes us the preferred choice in the public sector including local council projects.


The requirements of a given project and the degree of expertise required will ultimately dictate the cost of scaffolding. Another influential factor is the duration for which you need the scaffold system to remain operational.   Need more information on scaffold pricing? Contact us today to start work on your project.

Hire Rates

Do you need a short term or long-term scaffold hire at low-cost? At Ace Scaffolding, we can offer just that without sacrificing on work quality. We deliver excellent service at competitive rates in line with the customers’ exact requirements.

Delivery Rates

We provide competitive delivery rates while maintaining an excellent delivery service. Our services cover free, no-commitment quotes, affordable scaffolding prices, dedicated scaffolders, and access platforms for hire. You can easily get accurate and fast quotations with our scaffolding technology. No more wrong estimates.


Our stellar reputation speaks volumes, and you can get more scaffolding information by speaking to one of our experts.  Any details you will need, a staff member is waiting for you to give you details. We deliver prompt responses to all your inquiries. So, get in touch on 01273 257 024 for quality scaffolding for your next project.


What is suspended scaffolding?

Suspended scaffolds are platforms supported by flexible means such as ropes from overhanging structures. It’s designed to let it be elevated or lowered during use. A suspended scaffolding platform is also called a swing- stage scaffold or suspended cradle. They are usually made in advance but can be created from a scaffolding.

What is a suspended platform?

Suspended platforms – or suspended scaffolding – are fabricated access systems used to complete work on high-rise structures.  They ensure optimum protection for the entire surface and allow various employees to work simultaneously on the side of the building.

What is a two-point suspension scaffolding?

A two-point suspension scaffold – also referred to as a ‘swing-stage’ scaffold – is probably the most used type of suspended scaffolding. Suspended scaffolding can be adjusted, a rope or other flexible supports keep it firmly in place; attaching it to immobilisers on both ends of the platform.

How does suspended scaffolding work?

A single cable or rope holds the single-point adaptable scaffold from overhangs, while two ropes hold up the swing-stage scaffold (two-point).

Why do we need scaffolds?

Scaffolds are short term arrangements using suspended platforms to support the weight of workmen and equipment during construction work; providing safe access to the hard-to-reach-areas of the affected structure.

How is scaffolding calculation done?

Knowing the exact rows of scaffolds that a building project would require is crucial. To do this, the total height measurement of the scaffold is divided by the height of one scaffold section.  Multiply the number of scaffold lines by the number of scaffold columns to obtain the total number of scaffolding sections required for the construction.

What is a Hanging Scaffold?

Hanging scaffolding is a temporary frame which is firmly attached to a fixed-length overhead building without any support from below. It differs from suspension scaffolding in the sense that it is held up by inflexible supports.

What is the cost of a scaffold?

Generally, a full wall scaffold will cost you more.  The cost is around £XXX a week for a single side scaffold. In most cases, it should cost about £XXX.  Contact our scaffolding team on 01323 315 033 to receive an accurate quote for your next project.

What is the maximum height possible for a scaffold?

The maximum height for scaffolding is determined under the supervision of a professional engineer because of the risks. To reduce fall risks during operation, it is advisable to put rails on the scaffold’s edges. The top rail must be about 40 to 44 inches higher than the work platform. We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice Where Needed.

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We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice Where Needed

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